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my pottery approach: ​ Shaped, turned, clay is my favorite means of expression. Every day in the workshop she accompanies me in a search for beauty, elegance of the object, but also harmony with the hand, the mouth, the functionality. Through a creation that is both modern and ancestral, I wish to perceive in my pottery, an ecological, aesthetic, ergonomic and ethical balance. Ceramic turning is the medium that I like to express my pottery creativity. It allows me to create a craft object, which accompanies us in our daily lives, at all stages of life. I develop eclectic collections, thanks to various processes (sigillata, crystallization...) in dialogue with the object and its vocation.




Nadège Miguet is a ceramist whose creations bear the subtle imprint of her various travels, her taste for discovery, her commitment to human rights, indigenous cultures and biodiversity. Following 15 years of commitment in the field of social work in different functions and in various territories such as Savoie, Mayotte or Quebec, she decided to professionalize her passion, pottery. It was during a trip to Nepal, in the village of Bhaktapur that she revealed herself through clay, followed by pottery immersions in India, Myanmar and then it was with Louis Lagacé, ceramist in Rimouski, Quebec that her desire to deepen her mastery of the technique of ceramic turning became irresistible. Then aged 36, she plunged into a year of ceramic turning training at EMA-CNIFOP in 2020-2021. .

Portrait Poterie Nadege 2022_edited_edit

I like the material of clay, the movement of the wheel, the unforeseen process of ceramic creation,
its link to fire. 

About my journey :


My interest in the Other as well as my taste for Elsewhere led me straight to earth. It was in Nepal in 2016, in the village of Bhaktapur, that I revealed myself through clay. This was followed by pottery immersions in India with the ceramist Meena Vohra, and in Myanmar in a village of potters in the Irrawaddy valley. Then, fueled by my collaborations with Louis Lagacé, ceramist in Rimouski in northeastern Quebec, my desire to professionalize ceramic turning became irresistible. Then aged 36, I dived into a year of training at EMA-CNIFOP in 2020-2021. After obtaining the CAP, accompanied by Malie Vignon ceramist in the Hautes-Alpes, I re-tamed the French territory and its pottery traditions by visiting the workshops of part of France by bike. So far my personal trajectory has been punctuated by several training courses, adventures and challenges, a thirst for discovery and improvement. Over the years, my rhizomes have established themselves in various territories such as Savoie, Mayotte, Quebec and my pots bear the subtle imprint of these experiences. They are also symbolically tinged with fifteen years of social work, travels, my various immersions in nomadic communities, my interest in music, sailing, the underwater world, the mountains, my commitment to promoting diversity, first nations cultures, environmental preservation and biodiversity.


La Poterie du Granier, a small workshop adjoining my home, was born in the spring of 2022 in the village of Montagnole in Savoie, an alpine territory where I am from.

"Karibou*" at the workshop! ( *"welcome" in shimaore, language spoken in Mayotte) ​ ​ ​


Thanks : ​ for teachings, support, images, inspirations, encouragement, helping hands and thumbs up:

Louis and Guylaine Lagacé, Purnima Diwan and family, Krishan Baldev, Meena Vohra, Malie Vignon, Oyas-environnement and its turner(r)ses, Ema-Cnifop and its trainees. A very special thank you to my close family and friends.

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